20 Februay 2018 - New ADHD [Absurdly Denotative Heading or Description] added at the top of this home page: LUDICROUSLY  EMBITTERED PRISONER replaces “DANGEROUSLY ERRATIC MULTITASKER”
I’ve all but imprisoned myself on the relatively new mezzanine floor bedroom work space looking over my recently self-renovated loft. From here I’ve been doing my best to avoid facing my problems and often sit here too terrified to answer phone calls and to head out into a city which has still tied me up in an administrative nightmare because of the work of a legal and bureaucratic system which I’m inadvertently on the wrong side of.  I’m pretty dissatisfied with the dreadful things that have happened to me but even more with the way they have influenced my desire to interact with the world and create things has pretty much been silence.  My impending blindness doesn’t help things much, but there is a beacon of hope out there (if only I could see the bloody thing)…

16 August 2017 - Graphic Design example from the new website I've designed for the Belgian Officially Recognised Voluntary Organisation called SALING ASAH [see] has become the new artwork in the Rubric 6: IN EXHIBITION. It's replacing "PRIZED PENIS PICKLED (2 July 2016)".

8 July 2017 - ZACHAR-O-METER in the left column has finally gone up one point from 5. FRENETIC to the wildly diverse state of 6. BIPOLARITY. It's a tricky situation balancing a nightmare with the Belgian courts and an impossibly difficult home which is an unfortunate paradox for the Belgian legal system and incredibly hard to live in, with the comparatively wonderful joy of playing now regularly for the summer festivals at the Balinese Temple in Namur, as part of the world-famous 'Pairi Daiza' Natural Park, leaving me racing between emotional extremes.

7 July 2017 - Anecdote added to RUBRIC 2: Dixit Zachar below and the Anecdotes & Aphorisms page [on getting cheap thrills from strippers...]

6 July 2017 - New ADHD [Absurdly Denotative Heading or Description] added: DANGEROUSLY ERRATIC MULTITASKER replaces “OVERWHELMINGLY INEFFECTIVE RENOVATOR”
No longer satisfied waiting for professionals who consistently don’t show up because they’re not going to earn enough or are scared off by the imtimidating prospect of working on hard to define and completely full renovation nightmare currently being lived in, I’ve decided to take up the task myself. Recently that’s included ripping down walls, planning and installing electric installation and lighting, plumbing, furniture design and [finally after I could get absolutely no one to come who wasn’t going to be paid full price for costly brand names and design plans] the installation of a mini split airconditioner.

3 March 2017 - Because of a lawsuit received today from the Belgian notaris POPPE, I've removed all references on this website to the years of personal misery which I attributed to him and the Belgian notarial system.
It should also be noted that today is the first I have heard of any litigation being served against me, although they're saying a writ was served in 2015. It wasn't, and the documentation I received today was only by the questionably good fortune of taking it out of the wrong post-box before the neighbours got it.
I'm being sued for in excess of 100,000 euros for potential loss in income.
The irony is that I'm reminded every day of the incompetence of the firm who drew up the official notarial documents for the pristine set of identical apartments which will never exist and the invisible central set of stairs, and of the fact that I was forced into a legal battle where I had to convince the state that it was impossible to bring 'back' into existence what only existed on paper, when I actually live in a barely legal hovel which is falling apart and which I long ago lost the desire to do anything about improving.
If it's a sad day for the freedom of expressing opinions or telling the truth, for me it's truly abysmal.

3 November 2016 - Important change made to the Title Navigation Bar. I realised that one of the 'places' which this navigation bar is primarily supposed to be used for didn't include a link to 'personal writing'. Fortunately, I rectified this and, after a period of more than three years, access is finally possible to writings that often involve my personal reaction to current events. The first 'personal writing' was written the night before Obama was elected!

28 October 2016 - PDF document 'ZIZBILIT presents ... the Disinformation Collection 2' uploaded to describe the contents of a torrent which will be available via this site when I'm able to develop each of the TRADING POST sub-links. Click the image below to open a blank copy of this document which can then be saved to your computer :

20 October 2016 - Major changes made to the TRADING POST place. Initially, insecure about it's future, it included an unsure mixture of possibilities. Now three definitions in the form of sub-headings are included: [1] Downloadable Ebooks, [2] Torrent List, [3] Purchaseable items. Although the TRADING POST page has been developed and linked to pages, each of those pages still needs development.

18 Seprember 2016 - Development on my life to such a degree that I've made change to RUBRIC 1: State of Things below. BIG BOY"S BRIGHT BUBBLE BURST BY BLOODY BELGIUM BUREACRATS BELITTLINGLY is changed to PREVIOUSLY - PRETTY PATHETIC PEN PUSHER, PRESENTLY - POTBELLIED POOL PATRON. It reflects positive developments that have, if you can believe it, resulted in my actually doing exercise/sport for its own sake in the form of swimming.

1 Seprember 2016 - After the unfortunate dissolution of KAT torrest resource site (which I'd been planning to use to set up a way to share my work so well on a torrent site as well as my own site for works of my own, difficult to attain scores for musicians and performers, films and in this case controversial books which, when read, provides one with a true insight into, among many other issues, how wealth and power are united above political idealism to ensure the rich get richer (eloquently argued by Chomsky) and the horrors forced upon the world by the CIA and by extension the Bush family who it seems were involved in the Kennedy assassination, implicated Nixon in the Watergate scandal (which although he may not have been an angel he was ulimately not responsible for), and finally and perhaps most horiffically the illegal war in Iraq which resulted in the hundreds of thousands of needless deaths to achieve a happy-go-lucky, extremely stupid and essentially indifferent to human life present in the form of George W. Bush. How could it get any worse? America's about to play it's Trump card, and seeing he is precisely the extremely wealthy elite without any scruples or ideological restrictions, he could just go on committing crimes if it means he funnels more into his own companies like the Bush cronies did. These are troubline times and therefore I've posted the incredibly extensive collection of ebooks and films. To go to the trading post page, click the link below. I'm planning to include a separate liseting for each of the torrent files with greater descriptions of their contents, but this will do for now. You obviously have to have a bitTorrent programme on your computer to organise the sharing of files and I'd recommend 'Qbittorrent'.:

24 August 2016 - New three piece art-deco clock uploaded to the ART DECO CLOCKS COLLECTION Project. An illustration of this clock is included below and by clicking it you'll be able to see all the clocks I've been able to add to the collection:

4 July 2016 - Downloadable item added to Rubric 3: RECENTLY DOWNLOADABLE. In this case it's a PDF document which contains information on how to get to the address at which I live and is also the first image a series which will tell various stories about the nightmares and victories, of the absurd and the Karfkaesque-nature of the last two years in 'The Nieuwland Loft'. A copy of the icon which opens this document is below, and is an equally clickable hyperlink:


2 July 2016 - New artwork added to Rubric 6: ON EXHIBITION below. The title is "PRIZED PENIS PICKLED" and is meant to be an artistic expression of the parable I published a couple of weeks ago about the dangers of figurative thinking. After receiving another fine for 10,000 euros today I'm beginning to feel like this new work is actually an appropriate metaphor for the way the Belgians treat its citizens. The piece it's replacing is included below:


29 June 2016 - New clock added to the ART-DECO CLOCK COLLECTION page in the CURRENT PROJECT subdivision of this website. This page can be reached directly by clicking the link below which is an example of the new clock. There have been considerable changes to the structure of the page as well so that it will be possible to include indexes and in-page movement between the different categories, and I've changed the classification system of each clock which has as yet only been applied to the clock below:

28 June 2016 - The 'dividing lines' I designed for this site are fairly thick; today I introduced a thinner version of the homepage dividing line which can be used for less striking divisions. An example is included below:

23 June 2016 - For no explicable reason the ZACHAR-O-METER has taken a dynamic jump of 3 points to the not always positive and sometimes unhealthy state of FRENETICISM. I have received no positive news about the dire financial/judicial problem I'm unfairly stuck in, but still I've rather suddenly managed to become frenetically creative meaning sleepless nights working and forlorn days wishing I hadn't been so stupid.I've also enthused myself to move out of my attic room and become enthusiastic about the rest of the living space. I don't know how long it will last or how fragile this state is, but all the same I like feeling FRENETIC a hell of a lot more than feeling BELITTLED, a thing of the past it seems...

21 June 2016 - New short piece of fiction in the form of a modern parable has been added to the PROSE PAGE of the website., It's a darkly humorous story so be warned. Below is an icon which has a direct link to the page:

18 June 2016 - The TRADING POST page has been updated to include links to two torrent resource locations where I've been able to upload good quality editions of my work, as well as hard to attain scores, music, films & ebooks. Although the 'torrents' will be directly downloadable from this site, there are also links to the KAT torrent site which has given me uploader status on two different profiles. Click the following link to reach the 'ZIZBILIT' KAT profile :


16 June 2016 - An image for an Art-Deco Clock has been updated [B-03] and a new Art-Deco Clock has been added to the collection [B-05]. Follow the link below to view the changes on the ART-DECO CLOCK COLLECTION Project Page :


14 June 2016 - New WRITING has been added to the PLACES page, concerning a more complex exploration of the 'BREXIT' argument. The URL is You can also click the icon below which functions as the title graphic on the page itself:

10 June 2016 - The Anecdote included in the ANECDOTES Rubric and also the ANECOTES & APHORISMS Page. This one concerns being reminded that you've finally caught up with your age. Although I supposedly said it in March this year, it's taken me this long to get it onto my web-page....

8 June 2016 - ANECDOTE discussing the upcoming referendum on the possibility of a BREXIT and the extremely suspect political agendas supporting it. It can be found in the Rubric 2: DIXIT ZACHAR velowas well as on the ANECDOTES & APHORISMS page.

2 June 2016 - New WRITING has been added to the PLACES page, concerning the adoration of a Queen who has just gone on living compared to a sensually deviant but vitally creative 'Prince' who died tragically on the celebrated monarch's birthday. An clickable icon link is included below:

31 May 2016 - At last I've made the possibility to regularly vary the fragment of music of my own composition that welcomes you to my homepage. I've also designed a clickable animated icon that announces the title of the work the fragment is taken from and provides a link to the music-box page where other music fragments can be heard. This new icon is included below but will have a new permanent position at the top of the homepage. I also slightly varied the colour of the background pattern to provide a bit of variety.

29 May 2016 - The ZACHAR-O-METER has unfortunately suffered a blow and fallen two points from the relatively beligerent state of PETULANCE to that rather unsettling feeling of being unfairly BELITTLED.

28 May 2016 - STATE OF THINGS Rubric below has been updated to represent recent catastrophic developments. It's also been added to the STATE OF THINGS webpage.

4 March 2016 - New ART-DECO CLOCKS added to the 'CURRENT PROJECT' Collection Page. Clocks G01, G02 & G03 were added, although only the last of the three includes information about the clock itself. Click the example of one of the new clocks included below to be redirected to this page:

22 February 2016 - New image added to Rubric 6: IN EXHIBITION below, replacing the following image which can still be found in the Art-Gallery:

21 February 2016 - Change in ADHD phrase which introduces the homepage above, changing from EXUBERANT INSTRUMENT OWNER to the following :OVERWHELMINGLY INEFFECTIVE RENOVATOR

20 February 2016 - A second addition to the 'MUSIC BOX' page is the next addition to the 'Music for the Emperor: an incomplete opera' playlist at the website SOUNDCLOUD. This is the composition 'Dreaming & Dancing Overture' which you can hear by pressing the link below; the SOUNDCLOUD link should open in a separate window or tab in your browser.

8 February 2016 - I've finally made the first additions to the 'MUSIC BOX' page which will eventually provide detailed descriptions and links to recordings stored of my musical compositions (on sites such as SOUNDPOOL, FANDALISM & YOUTUBE). The first step towards making all these references to my work accessible is by including the most recent upload: 'SHARING MOONLIGHT' for chamber ensemble which forms part of the unfinished opera 'MUSIC FOR THE EMPEROR'. What was earlier known as the 'Music Box' has been renamed the 'JUKEBOX' and included anecdotally as a reference on the 'MUSIC BOX' page. Click the link below to observe these changes:

13 November 2015 - A new Anecdote has been included in the 2-DIXIT ZACHAR rubric below as well as on the Anecdotes & Aphorisms page.

8 November 2015 - A new Anecdote has been included in the 2-DIXIT ZACHAR rubric below as well as on the Anecdotes & Aphorisms page. It concerns my experience with the insights the ease of writing bad reviews gave me about the institution of criticism.

5 November 2015 - A new STATE OF THINGS entry has been included in following rubric; although it's the beginning of Winter things seem to be getting metaphorically and creatively warmer.

3 November 2015 - New Art is included in the 6-IN EXHIBITION rubric below, showing current developments to my creative environment. It is replacing the following work which is still viewable in the ART GALLERY, an interactive webpage which allows you to scroll through graphic examples of my work. The work being replaced is illustrated below:

26 October 2015 - After joining the 'fandalism' website I discovered SOUNDPOOL which is like YouTube to musicians; music can be uploaded, listened to and even sold. I've therefore created two new profiles and have decided to make these profiles accessible through the 'Music Box' page which is included as one of the page heading tabs above. Until today, it simply demonstrated an interactive Shockwave multimedia web design which functions like a music-box in that if you press the various buttons, it produces selections from my pieces. In addition to this from today updates will be kept of changes to either my FANDALISM ( or my SOUNDPOOL ( profiles with URL access to new uploads. The bar below which I created for use in my SOUNDPOOL profile will take you directly to the MUSIC BOX page.

12 August 2015 - At long last a necessary update to the STATE OF THINGS Rubric which follows directly; it includes some unpleasant truths about recent developments and ways I'm proposing to deal with them. Most importantly it will replace the long outdated description of my recent downfall and some more positive steps in the right direction. The new STATE OF THINGS entry will include information about the dissolution of my hopes and sense of trust in a claustrophobic and ambiguous world of real-estate legislation, but also the sudden joyful realisation that the "Saling Asah" the gamelan group is coming together again. The STATE OF THINGS title being replaced is as follows: GARRULOUS GHENTIAN GHOULS GAVE GRINDED-DOWN GUY GAFF (but) GAMELAN GROUP GREGATES.

2 August 2015 - Unfortunately the ZACHAR-O-METER has grinded down to a rather static self-pitying state of 4.PETULANCE considering the lawyer I was finally able to hire decided that despite all that I'd gone through I was ultimately to blame because I signed false documents even though they'd been that way for more than 12 years. My mistake was evidently noticing that there was something wrong with it, in an effort to make sense of the otherwise nonsensical sales act. But all hope of the law stepping in to right the wrong of the criminals who'd created this mess have now disappeared and I have to live with the fact that city of Ghent doesn't give a flying fuck about how many thousands of euros I paid for a second apartment which they've simply stated doesn't exist (even though it does).

1 August 2015 - Page title above finally updated to correct the jittering clock; it's actually been replaced by an entirely new animated clock from the Art Deco Clock Collection which is also viewable as one of the recent CURRENT PROJECTS. The old animation is included below:

29 July 2015 - Adjustments made to the composition page for the audio poem FROM A GABLE WINDOW. Both the page icon and its larger descriptive form were updated to make note of the fact that an mp3 version of this composition is now freely downloadable. The page can be viewed by clicking the link below from where the composition can be downloaded, and a new icon has been placed in the Rubric 3 - RECENTLY DOWNLOADABLE below.

7 June 2015 - New anecdote added concerning the contents of the photo which can now be viewed in the 6 - IN EXHIBITION Rubric below. The anecdote itself is viewable in the aformentioned Rubric, the 2 - DIXIT ZACHAR rubric also below and on the Anecdotes & Aphorisms page.

6 June 2015 - New image/photo set added of yours truly underneath a dangerously hung chandelier and another next to the grand piano which took so much effort and time to get to the second floor (and almost cost the life of two innocent bystanders). It can now be viewed in the 6 - IN EXHIBITION Rubric below and as a part of the ART GALLERY. It replaces the image below:

5 June 2015 - New poem asded to the collection of poems viewable at this site. It's also included below in the 'Word Play' rubric below (replacing the poem about the psychopathic gardener. You can get directly to the poem by clicking the link below:

29 May 2015 - Anecdote added from the January of this year to the Anecdotes & Aphorisms page and viewable below at the 2 - DIXIT ZACHAR Rubric concerning the nature of personal creativity.

8 December 2014 - New ZACHAROMETER inserted; it has also jumped 2 points from 6. CAUTIOUS to 8. ELATED thanks to recent developments with the acquisition of a gamelan and finally getting the soundcard to work which required making a new PC with almost archaic technology. A copy of the old ZACHAROMETER and its reading is included below.

1 December 2014 - New page created for poem SEEPAGE; reach it by clicking the link below or visiting the FICTION homepage.

30 November 2014 - New Art-Deco clock added to the Art-Deco Clock Collection project page, including vague details about its history:

29 November 2014 - ADHD phrase above changed from 'Inherently Dangerous Removalist' to 'Exuberant Instrument Owner'.

14 August 2014 - With the immediate threat of being dragged to court for no comprehensible reason essentially vanishing, combined with the amazing reunion of my gamelan group last week, the ZACHAR-O-METER has jumped four points to the wary state of 6. CAUTIOUS.

18 July 2014 - Two new clocks added to the Art-Deco Clock Collection; I'll be including details for E03 later when I can be bothered to take it down from where it's hanging. Clock A18, however, used to be B04 but I've matched it up with two pylons that could well belong to it and were bought seperately. The complete collection can be viewed by clicking the icons below.


10 July 2014 - At the bottom of this homepage is a link to my facebook profile; although I generally find Facebook itself irritating I can't deny that it can be useful, and some people feel far less intimidated encountering my work through the format of a social media they comprehend and not the complex structure of a site like this. I'm planning to include this in all future templates and foundation pages, although at the moment it is only at the bottom of this page.

9 July 2014 - The ADHD phrase has received an animated GIF representation above just below the homepage welcome animation. I got sick of designing things for facebook that were only used there, so I decided to adapt the facebook covers for a use on my website.

19 June 2014 - A new poem has been added and can be reached at the following URL: It is a statement against the gendering of boats; in fact any use of gender in a language which no longer makes use of its grammatical function.

18 June 2014 - A new anecdote added, which can be read below in Rubric 2: DIXIT ZACHAR. It can also be found on the anecdotes & aphorisms page. It concerns the ludicrous and sexist adoption of gender in the English language which has been all but forgotten it and makes no use of it grammatically.

17 June 2014 - ADHD phrase above opening the homepage was changed to 'Precariously Dangerous Removalist' from :

Spuriously Ineffective Self-Sculptor

26 May 2014 - New poem added 'All the Wilting Petals' which can be found below in Rubric 6: WORD PLAY, via the poetry page or directly via the link below:

all the wilting petals

25 May 2014 - New poem added 'Gazing Eyes' which can be found via the poetry page or directly via the link below:

gazing eyes

24 May 2014 - The ZACHAROMETER slips down again to the rather meaningless state of 2. ENNUI. When you feel like this, there's not much more to say, really, is there?

22 May 2014 - Because of all the data loss, practically all of the templates for both documents and dynamic webcontent have been eradicated; therefore the ZACHAROMETER has been impossible to adjust. But who ultimately cares anyway? Practically no one - and why should they? The ZACHAROMETER, after much design and animation - effort which will prove as always unnecessary and pointless (my time would be better spent doing something comparatively useful like bashing my head against a brick wall), has slipped down a point to the state of screaming silence: 3. IGNORED. It's slipping still and things aren't looking good or showing signs of improval.

17 May 2014 - At last an update to the following Rubric: STATE OF THINGS in which I describe recent dramatic developments, which can be found below or on the State of Things page.

10 May 2014- New anecdote on the best Dutch travesties of my name in Rubric 2: DIXIT ZACHAR, also viewable on the anecdotes & aphorisms page.

25 February 2014 - New film included below in Rubric 4: CURRENT PROJECTS, exhibiting and explaining the creative work behind the work EVIL-I, replacing AURAL TRANSGRESSIONS (2001) which can be still be seen at my YouTube channel:

22 February 2014 - Article about the film EVIL-I [or the sad tale of the anti-gravity jug] which is in turn about the creative process behind a multiform art installation called EVIL-I which has has since been taken apart and rebuilt. The writing includes illustrations from the film as well as unique images and concepts which didn't reach the film-making process. It can be reached by clicking the following link:

19 February 2014 - A Number of new art works added to the ART & DESIGN GALLERY. One of these works is replacing the artwork below in Rubric 6: IN EXHIBITION. The new work is one of the absurd objects from the EVIL-I multiform interactive art installation, other photos of which are included in the gallery.

17 February 2014 - Art Deco Clock Collection PROJECT page has been added to. The link below will open the page which contains detailed information about the 3-part mantle clock set:

13 February 2014 - New Anecdote included in Rubric 2: DIXIT ZACHAR below. You can also read it on the Anecdotes & Aphorisms PLACE on this website.

16 January 2014 - Art Deco Clock Collection PROJECT page has been added to. In addition to a number of clocks in various categories that have been awaiting posting, the clock below with detailed information is included; it is one of my most recent purchases. The link below will open this PLACE:

16 January 2014 - Added a recently purchased windsor clock; although it seems to show design elements which date back to the fifties, it is clear that the later. smaller and more economical windsor clocks of this era incfluenced the design of these smaller wooden clocks which only give the hour and not a set of obnoxious tunes every quarter of an hour. You can reach the page by clicking the following link:


16 December 2013 - Added a recently purchased art-deco marble clock, in fact quite a few which I'm yet to process completely. This is the first step in cataloguing all the clocks in a sequential and understandable system for both real and imaginary clocks. You reach this link by clkicking the clock image below:


23 December 2013 - ADHD phrase above changed from "Illiterate Fictive Linguist" to "Dubiously Effective Self-Sculptor".

22 December 2013 - Updated the Poem WALTZING THE SNAKE OF TEMPTATION which includes a graphic illustration of the title suggestive of the content as illustrated below (you can reach the poem by clicking the photo):

21 December 2013 - The introduction to my profile was extended considerably to reflect my existence in a cultural environment that unusually respects but otherwise remains entirely indifferent to what I do. The changed text is included in the DIXIT ZACHAR rubric below. The replaced text reads as follows:

"My name is Zachàr Laskewicz and I was born in Western Australia in 1971. My unusual name reflects a largely Eastern European family history. I've been a composer, a performer, a lecturer in places as diverse as China, Finland and Belgium, where I now concentrate primarily on film-making and composing. At the moment I live in Ghent, a truly beautiful and interesting Belgian city."

19 December 2013 - Despite the continued threat of increasing debts, the ZACHAR-O-METER has crawled up two points to the not so wonderful but still not entirely irreparable state of 4. BROKE. I'm still sore and broken by the stress of the last two years, and I now have officially not a penny to my name despite owning a comparatively enormous, if legally condemned, set of living spaces in the centre of Ghent. I may be broke and broken by the past, but recent developments have shown that things that have broken are sometimes more easily repaired than would appear, causing me not to give up hope entirely just yet.

8 December 2013 -A new ART DECO CLOCK, another 3 part mantle set in pristine condition, has been added to the ART DECO CLOCK COLLECTION Project page which can be reached by clicking the following link:

28 November 2013 -A new CURRENT PROJECT has been added now that so much interest in being made into my surreal erotic films made entirely in fictive languages and for artistic purposes. This project can be reached by clicking the following icon:


27 November 2013 -Widescale changes made to the structure of the PLACES part of this website, particularly as far as distinguishing PROSE from POETRY and creating an individual page for PROSE (the work 'Poor Little Puddy' has been transformed from a CURRENT PROJECT to a developing prose work. The New link to this work can be reached by clicking the following icon:


22 November 2013 - The ZACHAR-O-METER has taken a sudden dip to the state of 2. UTTER TERROR after discovering that an even worse threat awaits in the form of a legal writ which has had the courts attempting to sue the last owner of the house to perform impossibly expensive repairs. If they even find him, as he is broke and is in any case protected from financial prosecution, the only future I can see is me ending up homeless as I can't afford either the renovations or a lawyer to protect my interests. Another set of lies that was kept from me until last week and only then after considerable research and persistence on my part. And where has it got me? Into a state of total inaction. I've given up hope; don't try to contact me as the phone is from the hook and I'm not answering the door.

21 November 2013 - A new entry to the WRITINGS Place is a letter I wrote to my brother; the page also includes a photo taken years ago by the well-known Dutch photographer Gert Jan Van Rooij while we were in Amsterdam. I hope the version I found was a draft and that he ended up reading the letter before he died. You can reach this page by clicking the link below:

14 October 2013 - I've finally published into wikipedia a comprehensive article on the MINIPIANO. An updated version of my own text has been included on this website just in case my article is in any way reduced in length, changed or, because of reasons relating to verifiability of my sources, it is removed altogether (despite the fact that the very existence of the piano is irrefutable as demonstrated by original photos and thousands of the instruments still in existence). The updated article on this website is MINIPIANO 1301-MIP and the wikipedia link is as follows:

7 October 2013 - 16 Art Deco Clocks from the Collection uploaded included one new retro clock that looks art deco but is made out of plastic (and despite the words of the salesman seems to work perfectly well; and I still haven't worked out exactly how).

2 October 2013 - ANECDOTE added to Rubric 2: DIXIT ZACHAR below; art-work related to this anecdote takes a place also in Rubric 6: IN EXHIBITION, replacing the screenshots from the recent filming in Amsterdam (a version of which is included below). The ANECDOTES & APHORISMS page also includes this new textual entry.

screenshots from art-film shot in Amsterdam

1 October 2013 -ADHD phrase above changed from 'Savagely Violent Pacifist' to 'Illiterate Fictive Linguist'.

30 September 2013 -First Art-Deco Clock added to the PROJECT Collection page, reachable by clicking the icon below:


28 September 2013 -New WRITING included on the complete list of writings, namely an article on the history and some of the myths associated with the Eavestaff 'Pianette' minipiano patented in 1934. It will eventually become a contribution to the Wikipedia site but it still needs a lot of work to get the personalisation out of it. It can be reached via the following link:


18 September 2013 - New CURRENT PROJECT page for the project POOR LITTLE PUDDY: the story of foraging day at the Saint Sigrit orphanage, set in a apocalyptic nightmare world...

29 August 2013 - tuning and restringing an ART DECO MINI PIANO information about which can be reached by clicking the link below.

16 August 2013 - T-SHIRT TRANSFER intended for injek printers and which includes detailed background information and instructions uploaded. It contains the images known as 'Elio Di Rupo Loves Pussy' and 'Bart De Wever Loves Cock' and which references the 5 panel triptych on the Belgian political condition I called ZONDER STAAT STRAAT [and which translates to 'this street is ungovernable' or 'this street lacks a government']. It can be reached via the icon below which I've also included in Rubric 3: RECENTLY DOWNLOADABLE.


2 August 2013 - New CURRENT PROJECT page added: It concerns the second film made entirely in Disfodish, the language I've created to point out the way language functions to both unite and alienate us all from one another in an existential sense. It was filmed on the 25th of July and is the first film filmed at the NAXTŠKIMIS VILMIT studios in Ghent. A direct link to this page can be found by clicking the bar below, and information about other projects can be found at the PROJECTS place on this site.

ENTKOBETIT DISHTEBIS project page link

16 July 2013 - The ADHD phrase has changed from 'Spuriously Impatient Dissident' to 'Savagely Violent Pacifist'. In addition an update at last has been made to the rubric STATE OF THINGS, which is just below this list, and also a new work in Rubric 6 - ON EXHIBITION. You can find a set of artfully put together screenshots from the filming which took place in Amsterdam earlier this year and which is described in a little more detail in the STATE OF THINGS entry. The following work is being replaced:

Nightshades presents... artwork

15 July 2013 - The ZACHAR-O-METER has gradually mosied upwards to the more than tolerable state of 7. RELIEF now that the sale has gone through and the Bulgarian has finally accepted (grudgingly I might add) that he no longer lives in what is officially my home. In any case, in spite of the difficulties that now await me I bear no grudges, to my surprise, towards the past and look forward to the lifetime work of making this place [1] safe to live in, and [2] renovated to suit my rather unusual sense of order.


24 June 2013 - The ZACHAR-O-METER has been chugged down a notch to a completely hopeless state of 1. MOROSENESS after the sale of my house was still further delayed because the notary agents didn't have the necessary papers and worse still that my notary hadn't calculated the costs properly meaning I'm suddenly required to pay an additional sum of almost 3000 euros, which I simply don't have access to. My last cents have been spent on the ridiculous legal, medical and accomodation costs which have been entirely unnecessary but which I have no hope of ever being compensated for. If you can think of a good reason for me to not kill myself, I'd certainly like to hear it. Being made morose by the sudden ugly appearance of a future full of only debt and misery, I can't find one.


7 June 2013 - The ZACHAR-O-METER has spun down to the lost and forlorn state of 2. BEREFTNESS for reasons involved with the endlessly uncomfortable waiting, tiredness of being forced to live in poverty in crowded conditions and without warm water for no good reason and a realisation that when what you have to offer isn't fashionable enough to be trendy or exciting enough to scare small children then it will remain unrecognised; and unfortunately I don't have it in me to sell out.

2 June 2013 - ADHD phrase above changed from ECSTATICALLY INSECURE RADICAL to SPURIOUSLY IMPATIENT DISSIDENT. Also another problematic anecdote relating to everything written by a particularly well-known and undoubtedly small-footed Oxford academic added to rubric 2: DIXIT ZACHAR below and the ANECDOTES & APHORISMS place.

29 May 2013 - New CURRENT PROJECT added for my ART-DECO CLOCK COLLECTION. I haven't added any of my more than 50 clocks so there's not much to see, but that will change with time.

28 May 2013 - PERSONAL WRITING in the form of a review for the awful horror film CHAIN LETTER (2010) uploaded.

17 May 2013 - New film uploaded to NIGHTSHADES FILMS YouTube Channel: Aural Transgressions (2001), the recording of the new music-theatre composition of the same name for which I composed the music and wrote the text. The film is included in Rubric 4: CURRENT PROJECTS below which replaces the film THE CORRUPTED ENDEAVOUR (2013). Screenshot from the film included below and in the Art Gallery.

16 May 2013 - New 4 part-poem page posted called TRANSGRESSIONS which I set to music in a film I'm currently making; I'm posting the updated text as it was used in the composition as it has never been presented before. The films of the original performance and the scores and parts to the work AURAL TRANSGRESSIONS (for tenor, 2 violins, 'cello & harpsichord) will follow.

11 May 2013 - The Art & Design Gallery is completely redesigned and repositioned; with a more complete selection of frames, images, designs and surreal photos, it is now connected to the DESIGNER homepage.

8 May 2013 - A separate page for with a list of official PUBLICATIONS added to the WRITER homepage.

6 May 2013 - Anecdote on symmetry and idealism (in the DIXIT ZACHAR rubric below and on the Anecdotes page) and a major design from the new Nightshades Music-Theatre Films replaces the 'evil-i' portrait in the IN EXHIBITION rubric below. A thumbnail of the work being replaced is included below, and it will ultimately be viewable in the ART GALLERY.

1 May 2013 - Last year G. Winkelmann Jr. wrote a moving review to my film "The Painstaking Cycle"; I've now included it as a page as a personal writing on one of this site's PLACES. It can be reached via the WRITINGS page or the link below, where the film itself can also be viewed:

30 April 2013 - Updated Header Animation using images based on one of my own art-deco clocks from my large collection of antique marble marvels; complex animation that took many hours of labour. A frame from the previous animation that the one above replaces is included below.

23 April 2013 - NACHTSCHIMMEN Music-Theatre Publishers is co-branded with GOOGLE to search my books and other publications for any content. The following logo will lead to a separate page for publications which wi be findable via the TRADING POST (a PLACE on this website):


Search the full text of our books


22 April 2013 - An anecdote or confession relating to my personal loathing for the creative force behind the smartphone, readable in the DIXIT ZACHAR rubric or on the ANECDOTES page. I've also started a list of 'Exceptionally Strange Horror Cult Classics' which I started as part of an IMDb initiative, has received its own page in the PROJECTS section of the PLACES on this site. The direct link can be reached via the icon below:

9 April 2013 - Update to the STATE OF THINGS rubric below which now has as a title ['my malignant monster murdered,' mutters middle-aged man melifluously].

8 April 2013 - Anecdote on partially quoting Shakespeare included below in rubric 2: Dixit Zachar below and on the Anecdotes & Aphorisms page.

7 April 2013 - There has always been a 'place' on this website for PERSONAL WRITINGS. This will include short fiction, reviews, criticism, commentary, auto-biographical stories and other personal entries, all of which will eventually be grouped together as this particular PLACE begins to form a structure. The first addition is a film review I wrote for Brandon Cronenberg's fascinating and peculiar film ANTIVIRAL. The heading is included below which provides a direct link to the writing itself:

10 March 2013 - Update to the heading bar which you always saw if you entered this site via the homepage address (and only then; by typing other addresses you'll just call the page up, unless you've of course book-marked the page in question). It used to have the four titles in my name; now it just has abstract and tempting referals to 'protolinguistics' and 'Disfodish'; heralding in the opportunity for you to learn this language. For those who don't already know, all will become clear with time; or will it perhaps become vaguely unclear? In any case the intention is to make a link at first to the Disfodish page which refers to the films filmed in this language on my new DVD. Later I hope to extend the Disfodish page, describe the complex study of fictive protolinguistics and why it doesn't include languages invented by either Tolkein or the creators of star-trek and its strange minions, and how Disfodish is the most important language at present in which this fascinating discipline can be studied. Presenting me with your knowledge of Esperanto would form an interesting dichotomy; but if you come at me with Elfish or Vulkan you'll risk getting electrocuted with a long stick I've long prepared for people like you. The Text caption is included below:

2 March 2013 - Update to the STATE OF THINGS Rubric below to include the heading ['nasty notarial nuts need noticing' notes nullified non-entity].

1 March 2013 - New poem called 'The Point of an Arrow' uploaded to its own page, takings its place in a gallery of poems listed on the right side of the screen as a series of icons in terms of date of completion (the newest at the top), and on the fiction home-page in alphabetical order. It also replaces the excerpt from the poem 'The Spider' in the Word Play Rubric below. Clicking the icon below will redirect you directly to the 'Point of an Arrow' page:

28 February 2013 - PROJECT PAGE HOME for 'Belgian Notarial Malpractice and Corruption' has been posted to recognise the fact that my complaints against the notary agents POPPE and VAN BAEL en co were ignored by the organisation that is there to protect the Belgian public against malpractice and corruption: 'Kamer Der Notarissen'. Individual pages for both POPPE and VAN BAEL have been set up which contain links to the PDF formats of both complaints against both organisations. Despite these valid complaints, these notary agents have remained unpunished and continue to practice. In this country, the shit will hit the proverbial fan and my ignored complaints and everything I've written about problems within the organisation 'Kamer Der Notarissen' will be registered, dated and available to the public to read. The icon linking the projects page to the individual project is included below:

27 February 2013 - ZACHAR-O-METER springs up 3 points to the relatively positive state of 6. TENTATIVE; still insecure, but better than being at 3. TERRIFIED.

26 February 2013 - DISFODISH page added accessible from the Nightshades Films DVD Project page. It contains major texts from the STRANGE APPARITIONS DVD Booklet related to the language 'Disfodish' and how it, as a metaphor concerning the way an artificial language can be used to represent exclusion, restriction & queerness.

26 February 2013 - PDF version of the STRANGE APPARITIONS DVD Booklet has been uploaded; texts within it have been added to the Nightshades Films Project page. The booklet is downloadable from this URL: An example of a page from this booklet is included below -


5 February 2013 - The ZAUM Project film in the CURRENT PROJECTS rubric below has been replaced by a film included as part of the Nightshades Films PROJECT, namely THE CORRUPTED ENDEAVOUR Version 6 which I've released for inclusion in the DVD and for the film festival mentioned in the PROJECT discussed in the last entry. I've rereleased and/or completely remixed 7 films which include BLATFUGETIT ('page-turning'), THE PAINSTAKING CYCLE and ZACHAR PLAYS GLASS.

4 February 2013 - New PROJECT page added relating to a DVD I'm preparing with a selection of films after an invitation from a film festival in Hollywood. This page contains information about this project, as well as embedded films prepared for the DVD. The DVD will also eventually be available on the TRADING POST page if you'd like to get hold of a copy. Below I've included the project icon which if clicked will bring you to this page


2 February 2013 - Artwork uploaded to the rubric 6 -IN EXHIBITION replacing 'Zonder Staat Straat' [a copy of which is included below]. In addition to the orginal version I made for Moustapha Bourich, I've printed, signed and framed with the Nightshades seal five versions, if anyone's interested in having one of these get in contact.

5 December 2012 - Personal anecdote added in the DIXIT ZACHAR rubric below and the anecdotes page.


29 November 2012 - The STATE OF THINGS rubric below has been updated to an entry I made into a note-book in June. At the time prospects were so awful that I could neither find the energy nor the enthusiasm to continue working on anything; I also no longer had access to most of my equipment including computers as they had been packed and sometimes even already moved to the new address which thanks to the indifferent and ultimately unlawful actions of two sets of notary offices seemed absurdly no longer an option.

28 November 2012 - ZACHAR-O-METER jumps upwards to the inwardly insecure state of confused.

27 November 2012 - Piano score in PDF format uploaded for the composition 'INDIA SONG PIANO BLUES' composed in 1991 for the play by Marguerite Duras. Updated links are included on the India Song Piano Blues composer page, as well as a direct link via the RECENTLY DOWNLOADABLE rubric below.

India Song Piano Blues PDF Score

23 November 2012 - New poem called 'The Spider' finally uploaded; viewable on its own poetry page, downloadable in a PDF version as well as below in the Word Play rubric.

26 October 2012 - PDF version of the official complaint against the notary agent office in Gent of Harold POPPE. The textual contents is also included on an individual page at the following address: Both texts are in Dutch.

17 October 2012 - PDF version of the official complaint against the notary agent office in Antwerp Van Bael, Holvoet, Van Bael & Verhaert. The textual contents is also included on an individual page at the following address: Both texts are in Dutch.

2 October 2012 - Adjusted the links beneath the titles of the 'places' destinations FICTION, POETRY & PROSE pages so that each would be accessible from the other, inserting the following set of links:


1 October 2012 - RUBRIC 2: DIXIT ZACHAR and on the Anecdoes & Aphorisms page a misquote my mother made during our Umbrian travels. Also a new ADHD prhase to describe my current frenetic and terrifying developments in my life which have resulted in me being suddenly forced to lose everything while a corrupte notaris en een Brulgaarse criminal who do their best to slow down or cancel the sale they are obliged to fulfil (I am now ZL: ADOBE BEREFT LITIGANT). More on the nitty gritty in the STATE OF THINGS Rubric below.

1 October 2012 - ZACHAR-O-METER takes a plunge down to 3. TERRIFIED as I'm forced to put all my property in storage and fight a vicious court battle with corrupt notary officials, Bulgarian criminals and an indifferent system that leaves me with no access to my property, no place to live and with enormous legal costs because the owner of the house has decided to keep renting out his house and probably to sell all of my property that has already been moved there. A true Belgian nightmare is beginning and I do not know what the future holds. I am now officially homeless.

16 August 2012 - Absurdly denotative heading or descriptive phrase, [shortened to the ADHD phrase] changed from 'Assertively Trained Sycophant' to 'Miserably Unsuccessful Self-assassin'.

15 August 2012 - Zachar-o-meter finally swings a few points up to the mildly irritating state of chronic distraction. Reasons for the long period on the brink of suicide will be provided; thanks for all the (2) people who enquired about it.

5 July 2012 - Absurdly denotative heading or descriptive phrase, [shortened to the ADHD phrase] changed from 'Behaviourally Reformed Sociopath' to 'Assertively Trained Sycophant'.

2 July 2012 - PDF score uploaded for the composition 'There Will Come Soft Rains' for mixed choir, piano & flute; downloadable from the composition page or directly via this URL:

22 June 2012 - Title above changed from 'Miraculously Cured Hypochondriac' to 'Behaviourally Reformed Sociopath'; Humorous word play also included in Rubric 2: Dixit Zachàr below and on the Anecdotes & Aphorisms page.

29 May 2012 - Anecdotes included in Rubric 2: Dixit Zachàr below and on the Anecdotes & Aphorisms page (one from today and the other from December 2009).

19 April 2012 - Rubric Five - POETRY has now changed to 'WORD PLAY' to better express the work I do with language sculpture; it's been extended so I can include information about developments within languages that I've created and are still evolving with the creation of each new art work that uses it, as well as other areas of linguistic exploration with rhythm, sound and poetry.

18 April 2012 - New navigation bar for both the six main rubrics on this page as well as major pages; intended for use above when the frames are phased out and the larger navigation bar structuring every page will no longer be present.

15 April 2012 - First updated ART GALLERY with examples of my best designs and artworks. Rather than specifying them into different types, I've decided to make two broad categories; one for artworks of my own creation and the other for photos or illustrations specific to my activities. The gallery uploaded today is the former of the two. The DESIGNER page reachable through the menu on the frame to the left of the homepage has been adjusted accordingly.

15 April 2012 - The first instalment of the 'Utterly Disgusting Project' designed to introduce children to art and creative processes added to the Recently Uploadable rubric: Used Ewes' Eyes, which contains instructions and a set of stickers for jars containing the said appendages which are simulated as part of the project.

15 April 2012 - Navigation bar added to the PLACES pages as illustrated below. I seem to be taking every opportunity at present to be creative.

x x x xx x x x x x x x x x
x x
x x x x x x x x x x

14 April 2012 - Uploaded to the Nightshades Films Channel two films of performances of ZAUM-1 and ZAUM-3 realised as part of a concert in Perth, W.A. in 2001, including performances by Rachael Dease and Jonathan Mustard.

4 to 13 April 2012 - I've updated my anecdote collection to include the one's that were missed out during the recent creative upsurge which has made it hard for me to keep tabs on everything. This includes a quip in Dutch from 5 April added with a free translation into English.

12 April 2012 - Set of background images designed and applied for the PLACES home and all the 'places' connected to it; in addition the titlebar above intended for the website structure pages, including the Site History and the Site Map (and a set of four background images differentiating each of these pages from the rest of the site and one another).

11 April 2012 - ZAUM in Ghent (1993) playlist posted at the Nachtschimmen Channel (YouTube); includes the original performances of ZAUM-1 Khlebnikov, ZAUM-2 Khruchenykh & ZAUM-3 Kamensky. Playlist is also embedded in the Current Projects rubric below; 'ZONDER STAAT STRAAT' art work also replaces 'Evil-I' (example below) in theIn Exhibition rubric below.

11 April 2012 - Music Box page finally updated to match the rest of the PLACES pages; Professional Unwilling Eccentric of the title above becomes Miraculously Cured Hychochondriac.

10 April 2012 - New addition to the State of Things rubric, and the removal of the 'zonder staat straat' art-work from the homepage (viewable below); also a swing on the 'ZACHAROMETER' upwards from Blissful to Elated.

6 April 2012 - Finally updated Anecdotes & Aphorisms page to match the rest of the PLACES pages.

8 March 2012 - First product made available for purchase at the 'Trading Post', the place where CDs, DVDs, Ebooks and other items can be purchased. This product is the DVD version of my major short film 'The Painstaking Cycle'.

8 March 2012 - An amusing anecdote in the form of a caption for your water chamber; also viewable at the Anecdotes & Aphorisms page.

7 March 2012 - Current Project page mounted containing documentation, correspondence and opinions relating the Lidia Rozlapa and the misappropriation of the Laskewicz Inheritance.

7 March 2012 - SITE MAP page finally constructed using graphic symbols and pop-up menus to show the 3 major categories I've divided my website into. Sub-category graphics will follow in the future. Also updated LEFTPANEL links to streamline the running of the site and save space.

6 March 2012 - Anecdote relating to familiar affairs added to the growing list.

5 March 2012 - PDF document of the Laskewicz Estate added to this site as the start to a forum on the extremely inappropriate misappropriate of funds by Lidia Rozlapa (née Laskewicz).

4 February 2012 - Anecdote added to the growing list.

2 February 2012 - New Current Project seeing that I'm selling my studio in order to buy a small house. Visit the studio1000vuren page for a detailed description, price and photos.

16 January 2012 - Poem called The Tiny Assailant I wrote on the SARS virus while in Taiwan finally included in the collection as well as a page for Remnants; all other poems also updated to new page format.

15 January 2012 - Anecdotes on awkward parents included in rubric 2 - Dixit Zachar below and on the anecdotes and aphorisms page.

8 January 2012 - Video uploaded - ZAUM opening film designed to introduce all future films of ZAUM performances, a new music-theatre composition based on Russian cubo-futurist poetry. This film is new replacement in rubric 4 - Current Projects below.

16 December 2011 - Art work 'Evil-I' included below to update this page; will soon be added to the art-work gallery.

25 November 2011 - Trading Post page finally included, which has always been intended as a place for me to include information about how to get hold of my work. Although it has been posted, it is still 'under construction' and may remain so for awhile.

25 November 2011 - Major fragment viewable below in the rubric Current Projects for the music-theatre film 'The Corrupted Endeavour'.

25 November 2011 - Link to the free A3 Poster for the film 'The Painstaking Cycle' and my book Music as Episteme, Text, Sign and Tool have been included in the 'recently downloadable' rubric below.

24 November 2011 - State of Things updated below; can also be seen at the State of Things page.

12 August 2011 - Structure of homepage divisions altered and updated. Icons changed, but the title 'Recently Uploaded' becomes 'Recently Downloadable', 'Anecdotes & Aphorisms' becomes 'DIXIT Zachàr', 'Current Film Projects' becomes 'Current Projects' so that other artistic projects can be included. 'Graphic Art' becomes 'In Exhibition' meaning that the art on display towards the street is included here.

11 August 2011 - Navigation bar with rollover tabs in the frame above adjusted to include a number of important pages; the intention was both to spread out and decrease the length of the indexbar as well as offer direct access to the 'places' [/places/] in my website known as 'Current Projects', 'Unexpurgated Zachar' and 'Trading Post'.

10 August 2011 - New pages finally constructed for the 'home' level of the website [sitemap and accolades], although they as yet have no content and are in construction; the foundation has also been made for access to these pages at the bottom of each of these pages.

9 August 2011 - Index pageheader viewable above is finally completed and returned to the top of the index. A frame from the old animated indexheader viewable below:

5 August 2011 - Information about the major 3-part artwork on current display in Ghent, night and day, was posted. A PDF will also be downloadable for transfers to make your own 'I Love Cock/I Love Pussy [we love Belgium]' T-shirts. More information included at the projects page and also in rubrics below.

4 August 2011 - Introductory text above is supplemented with a recent anecdote which is also included on the anecdotes and aphorisms page.

1 August 2011 - 'ZACHAR-O-METER' added to the left panel in its first (sketchy and pre-animated) form; the idea is give a direct idea of what my current emotional state is, the meter running from [1.] SUICIDAL to [10.] ECSTATIC.

29 July 2011 - new anecdote added to anecdotes and aphorisms page.

28 July 2011 - 2 new anecdotes added to anecdotes and aphorisms page.

27 July 2011 - Aphorism added to anecdotes and aphorisms page; text on philosophy behind work scrapped from the introduction just below the title. This excerpt was taken from a longer discussion of my work to give people an insight not only into what I do but why I choose to do it in so many different forms. This will now have a separate webpage and will be accessible from the inspiration & reflections page.

26 July 2011 - Aphorism added to anecdotes and aphorisms page.

22 July 2011 - Aphorism added to anecdotes and aphorisms page.

7 April 2011 - Anecdote added to anecdotes and aphorisms page.

3 April 2011 - Anecdote added to anecdotes and aphorisms page and also the 'Zvotshlipas Umatshlipit' playlist updated so that it shows the film correctly below.

27 March 2010 - Major new text above which describes a background to my work as a creative artist. It's included on the anecdotes and aphorisms page but is also considered as a first step to change my website so that it better represents who I am through the artistic processes I perform.

26 March 2010 - New thoughts added updating STATE OF THINGS page a copy of which is included in its rubric below.

10 March 2010 - Quote added to Anecdotes & Aphorisms

4 March 2010 - Quote added to Anecdotes & Aphorisms.

3 March 2010 - Quote added to Anecdotes & Aphorisms.

24 February 2010 - Addition to Inspirations & Recollections rubric concerning the 'EVIL-I' theme included also below in rubric seven.

18 January 2010 - The homepage icon above updated with a more recent photo.

16 November 2009 - Quote added to Anecdotes & Aphorisms. Text above also adjusted.

2 June 2009 - Basic introductory text changed; no more information about my studies with links to individual images of the diploma's; I've decided to put them onto a seperate page called 'accolades' which can be accessed via the menu at the bottom of the page.

1 June 2009 - Short sketch of recent inspiration by describing some ideas I'm working with, recorded rubric 7 'inspirations and recollections'; the complete list of these entries can also be accessed via clicking the rubric title..

19 March 2009 - New image placed in the rubric below.

17 January 2009 - Page links at the bottom of the homepage added, including links to Site Map, My Music & Fiction.

16 January 2009 - Anecdote [on caring about what other people think] added and included below.

27 December 2008 - New page for a portrait of clothing designed and sewed by Laskewicz; included also on the homepage replacing the last graphic image.

27 December 2008 - Posting of aphorism 'On Creativity', included on the homepage.

8 November 2008 - New homepage rubric for a brief summary of recent developments and dramatic events [state of things].

7 November 2008 - 'Obama en de nieuwe Belg' [English: Obama and the New Belgians; 0801-OBA] uploaded; translation into English will follow. It is an article about what I feel Dutch-speaking Belgium could learn from Obama's popularity among minority groups.

1 October 2008 - ebook uploaded for the article 9509-RAF.

8 September 2008 - page uploaded for the article 9509-RAF ['Roughly and Finely Tuned Input in Language Education'].

27 August 2008 - major structural changes made to poetry and prose page [now referred to as 'Fiction by Zachàr Laskewicz'].

25 August 2008 - personal contact information removed from all profile pages; my address and telephone number are available on request by email

6 July 2008 - major structural changes made to the 'poetry and prose' [places/fiction] appearance and structure.

11 June 2008 - page uploaded for the conference lecture 9501-BOL (paper presented at the 5th International Conference on Musical Signification in 1995, University of Bologna).

11 June 2008 - page uploaded for photo FOTO-006 (still from animation sequence opening the film Zachàr Plays Glass: Metamorphosis Two).

10 June 2008 - page uploaded for the lectre 9101-LOG ('The Stichting Logos Lecture').

9 June 2008 - page uploaded for the concert 9001-NIS ('Night Shades'; series of works by Evos Youth Ensemble organized in 1990).

9 June 2008 - page uploaded for the artwork ART-007 ('Rising Damp').

8 June 2008 - page uploaded for the dance-theatre production 9101-AGA ('Agamemnon and the Brides of Death').

8 June 2008 - score example added to 9402-SPE ('Spectral Lullaby')

7 June 2008 - page uploaded for abstract TEA-0404-SIG.

6 June 2008 - page with corresponding PDF file uploaded for the university course TEA-0402-COM.

5 June 2008 - pages uploaded for the composition 8601-THE and 8602-EME.

4 June 2008 - page uploaded for the poem 0102-FRO ('From Hell it Came!').

3 June 2008 - pages uploaded for the poem 0101-TRI ('Tribute to the Earth and the Sky').

1 June 2008 - page uploaded for the performance 0202-VRE ('Project Week : Vreemde Culture [foreign cultures]') which was held in De Singel.

30 May 2008 - page uploaded for the university course 0307-RIT.

30 May 2008 - page uploaded for the performance 0201-FLE ('Flew' - a Lofthuis Concert in June 2002).

30 May 2008 - page uploaded for the university courses 0305-TWE and 0306-BAT.

30 May 2008 - page uploaded for the composition 9802-POW ('The Power of Steam Machines-3') and updated for 0202-POW ('The Power of Steam Machines-4')

30 May 2008 - page uploaded for the compositions 8903-TNL ('The Nightmare Lake') and 8909-ZAN ('Distant ZAN').

29 May 2008 - page uploaded for the performance 9701-SES ('Sesolahan Gender', a concert for Balinese Gender Wayang ensemble with new music-theatre by Zachàr Laskewicz).

29 May 2008 - PDF File uploaded for the score COM-9602-MOX ('Two Children's Music Box Compositions').

29 May 2008 - video link added to the compositions 0705-TIC ('The Incessant Cycle' recital) and 9402-SPE ('Spectral Lullaby' recital).

29 May 2008 - page uploaded for the composition 0801-TMC ('The Mesmerising Cycle').

28 May 2008 - page uploaded for the course 0304-VOT ('Vocal Training') delivered at the Taipei University of the Arts in 2003.

28 May 2008 - 2 film clips and significant work done to make the page for the composition 9101-SIN more accessible, including translating the letter characters of the original texts and example illustrations from the score.

28 May 2008 - page uploaded for the composition 9006-EXO ('Exordium' for concert band).

28 May 2008 - page uploaded for the composition 8702-AMP ('Amphigory').

28 May 2008 - page uploaded for the poem 0803-THO ('Those Awful Bodies and Their Hideous Things').

28 May 2008 - updated the poetry section of the website to be based on a set of icons and templates, the intention being to make navigation easier.

27 May 2008 - page uploaded for the university course 0303-LAF ('Literature & Film') with a corresponding downloadable PDF file.

27 May 2008 - page uploaded for the abstract 9701-OPS ('The Organic Presence of the Sign in the Balinese Performance Text' - this was an academic paper delivered at the 'Semiotics Bridging Nature & Culture' Conference in Guadalajara.

26 May 2008 - page uploaded for the performance proposal 0001-LSW ('Lair of the Spider-Women').

26 May 2008 - page uploaded for the score 8802-LIN ('Lingering Breeze').

26 May 2008 - page uploaded for the score 9203-FLU ('flute works') which is a collection of earlycompositions for flute duet and trio; the intention is to have a PDF version downloadable soon.

26 May 2008 - page uploaded with corresponding .pdf file for the paper 9508-HOW.

26 May 2008 - page uploaded with a corresponding .pdf file for the university course 0302-WES.

26 May 2008 - .pdf file uploaded for the research project 9204-KAG (the new music-theatre of Mauricio Kagel).

25 May 2008 - page uploaded with corresponsing .pdf file for the paper 9507-PAR ('Paradigm Shift in Language').

25 May 2008 - pages uploaded for university course 0301-IND ('Indonesian Theatre') and its corresponding .pdf file.

24 May 2008 - pages uploaded for the performances 9201-SIN ('Songs of Incantation'), 9301-IMB ('Imbahl'), 9601-MPT ('Mussiki Pantomiimi Teatteri' in Helsinki) and 9801-SOF ('Soft Rains').

22 May 2008 - page uploaded for the paper 9604-SOC ('Polarization in Sociolinguistics) and a corresponding downloadable .pdf file.

22 May 2008 - page uploaded for the paper 9603-PSY with a corresponding .pdf file to be downloaded; .pdf file also published for the paper 9602-DUT.

22 May 2008 - music fragment added to the composition 9002-POW playable on a flash-player.

22 May 2008 - programme notes added to the contents of the composition 9102-IND.

22 May 2008 - page uploaded for the discursive activity 9506-DIS ('Understanding Discourse') with downloadable .pdf file.

21 May 2008 - page uploaded for the concert performance 9301-IMB ('Imbahl'; a concert which took place in Ghent in 1993) and the lecture series proposal 0001-NMT (on the new music-theatre.

20 May 2008 - page uploaded for the research project 9103-RFV ('The Russian Futurist Vision') which includes excerpts from Russian cubo-futurist poetry; a PDF version is also downloadable via the complete list or the page itself.

20 May 2008 - .pdf version of the article 9703-ZAC written in a Finnish publication about a performance I gave around that time at one of the theatres there.

17 May 2008 - page uploaded with additional access to a downloadable .pdf file for the same document for a 9206-EXP ('Experimental Composition, Avant-garde Chamber Music and Music-Theatre: documentation on studies at the Ghent Conservatory').

17 May 2008 - page uploaded for the newly published book 0801-MAN, downloadable as an ebook as well as viewable as a webpage.

16 May 2008 - page uploaded for compositions 8805-SER and 9402-SPE, the scores which together form the contents of 'Children's Music-Box compositions', available as an ebook.

16 May 2008 - page uploaded for the paper 9102-PER ('The Performance Theory of Music-Theatre').

16 May 2008 - 10 new film posters (GD011/1-10) uploaded to the GRAPHIC DESIGN album; these posters are for the film 'Zvotšlipas Umatšlipit'.

16 May 2008 - uploaded page for the concert review 9205-JAP (a series of concerts at the Logos Foundation in Ghent).

15 May 2008 - uploaded page for the newspaper article 8501-WIZ ('Whizz Kids') and also a page for the article 0103-PMI (for which until now only a PDF document was available).

15 May 2008 - designed and uploaded a set of templates for pages pertaining to performances and a page for the performance proposal 0101-BIZ (relating to the performance proposal 'Bizarre Acts: two performances about the non-discursive).

15 May 2008 - page uploaded for the composition 9301-ZAU (a general descriptive page for the 3-movement composition 'ZAUM'); includes illustrations, photos and text.

14 May 2008 - page uploaded for the composition 9107-POW ('Powah') with a sample of the recording playable on a flash player.

14 May 2008 - page uploaded for the abstract SCO-0401 ('The Score and the State').

14 May 2008 - designed and uploaded a set of templates for pages pertaining to courses, lectures and other teaching documentation, including the page for the complete list of teaching assignments.

13 May 2008 - page uploaded for the paper 0701-TEC concerning 'technological determinism' and the internet.

12 May 2008 - page uploaded for the composition 0001-BLU ('BLUE' - an adapted version of 'India Song Overture & Piano Blues').

12 May 2008 - pages uploaded for 9303-SIG (the dissertation The Significative Potential of Music in the Theatre) 9505-KIN with downloadable pdf pages.

12 May 2008 - pages uploaded for 9503-DAN and 9504-DEF with downloadable PDF documents..

11 May 2008 - page uploaded for the review 9702-FOM (Transcending the Boundaries: the festival of Musical Action in Vilnius).

11 May 2008 - page uploaded for composition 9601-MEA ('Meanwhile on the Tower...' for solo performer) with a video recording of the original performance in Helsinki, Finland.

11 May 2008 - page uploaded with music fragment for 0702-TOC ('The Ominous Cycle') composed and performed by Zachàr Laskewicz.

11 May 2008 - page uploaded for 9701-SIN (the score released of Songs of Incantation for female choir).

11 May 2008 - page uploaded for 9702-MOK ('Motional Kotekan' for Gender Wayang and motional flautist).

11 May 2008 - music fragment added to 9004-MMR.

10 May 2008 - pages uploaded for 9002-POW and 9004-MMR.

10 May 2008 - page uploaded for composition 9801-SRA ('Soft Rains') with a fragment to listen to via a flash player.

9 May 2008 - full score in PDF format for the score 0101-AUR ('Aural Transgressions') made accessible from the site.

9 May 2008 - page uploaded for the composition 8907-PRO ('Project-1' for Javanese gamelan).

9 May 2008 - page uploaded for the composition 0202-POW ('The Power of Steam Machines-3).

8 May 2008 - page uploaded for the abstract 9901-LIM ('Liminality as a Dynamic Creative Force in the New Music-Theatre').

8 May 2008 - page uploaded for the paper 9502-MUL ('Words without meaning or meaning without words? - towards a musical understanding of language')

8 May 2008 - page uploaded for the book 9402-ZAU ('ZAUM: a complete guide to the music-theatre composition by Laskewicz).

8 May 2008 - 3 photos added to the photo gallery.

8 May 2008 - page uploaded for the research proposal 0203-WEB and the paper 0204-NAT.

7 May 2008 - page uploaded for 9901-INC ('Incantation Music') with an example from the score.

7 May 2008 - page uploaded for 9302-LOK ('Het Loket : an anti-opera').

7 May 2008 - musical excerpt added to 9301-ZU3 (ZAUM-3 : new music-theatre).

7 May 2008 - pages from original score added to 8905-TOL, ('The Object Lesson: word-play for wind quartet and keyboard), 9101-IND, 9104-IND, 9201-IMB ('Imbahl-1'), 9301-ZU1 (ZAUM-1), 9301-ZU2 (ZAUM-2) & 9301-ZU3 (ZAUM-3).

7 May 2008 - page uploaded for composition 9806-POW (the first version of the 'Steam Machines' compositions series).

6 May 2008 - page uploaded for abstract 9803-MSP ('Musical Sound as Presence').

6 May 2008 - page uploaded for 0001-MPT ('Multimedial Musicality in the Performance Text: Doctoral Dissertation).

5 May 2008 - page uploaded for composition 0101-AUR ('Aural Transgressions).

5 May 2008 - sound sample for 0703-ILL (The Sharp Cycle) uploaded playable via a flash player.

4 May 2008 - page uploaded with composition description for the works 'Transmigration-1' and 'Transmigration-2'.

3 May 2008 - page for the abstract 0405-MPT (abstract : 'Music as a Phenomenological Tool').

2 May 2008 - page and PDF format for the article 0404-TMT (article 'Towards Multimedia Textuality').

1 May 2008 - added new theoretical abstract on the Disembedded nature of the Musical Score and the Multimedial Performance Text: 0307-DMT.

30 April 2008 - Music fragment for the composition Overture: Dreaming & Dancing added playable with a flash-player.

29 April 2008 - Poster 1 (from the 9 poster 'Zvotšlipas Umatšlipit' series) is included below to replace the UMOLA poster.

28 April - 8 new graphic designs added to the 'Graphic Design' category.

28 April - The Corrupted Endeavour is replaced by the new film 'The Painstaking Cycle' as an embedded playlist below.

27 April - SITE HISTORY page added which records this list in its completion as it gets too long to be included in the homepage.

25 April 2008 - graphic design, art & photography albums installed with a set of icons and thumbnails to make each of them a cohesive whole.

23 April 2008 - FREE POSTER [A3 size om pdf format can be downloaded for free from this site. All seven in the poster series are on display, although only one is offered freely in a high quality version.]

15 April 2008 - new page for music composition 'Overture: dreaming & dancing' composed initially for a libretto I was writing for an opera while living in China. Via the icon in the composition list, you can reach that page easily, and it will soon be updated with more information.

1 March 2008 - new page for 9204-KAG (research project on Kagel's work)

18 February 2008 - playlist updated for THE CORRUPTED ENDEAVOUR as viewable below.

05 February 2008 - new page for 9203-LOV [theatre review].

05 February 2008 - page for 'The Corrupted Endeavour [Part One]' uploaded.

02 February 2008 - page for 'The Corrupted Endeavour [Part One]' uploaded.

02 February 2008 - page for 'The Corrupted Endeavour [Part Two]' uploaded.

02 February 2008 - page for 'The Corrupted Endeavour [Part Three]' uploaded.

02 February 2008 - playlist of the three films which form a series viewable below.

19 January 2008 - page for theoretical explication of anti-opera composition HET LOKET [9301-LOK].

17 January 2008 - uploaded to YouTube and made accessible below new film on the vulnerability of linguistic communication.

15 January 2008 - new page for article 0306-AUT ('Auto-eroticism as Modern Social Disease')

15 January 2008 - PDF file for 0306-AUT

14 January 2008 - new page for the new music-theatre 'ritual card-game composition' (Cyclical) Vociphony [9105-VOC]

13 January 2008 - new page for the early flute composition 'Bizarre Acts' with music fragments.

12 January 2008 - new page for article 9801-BIR

12 January 2008 - PDF file for 9801-BIR (paper on Harold Pinter's play The Birthday Party)

11 January 2008 - new page with mp3 fragment for the piano solo composition 'The Illusory Cycle' [0802-ILL].

10 January 2008 - new music-theatre composition DARKNESS (1989): text, mp3 fragment and score excerpts.

10 January 2008 - new page for the article 'The Organic Presence of the Sign...' [9701-ORG]

10 January 2008 - PDF file for 9701-ORG




April, 2008 Nachtschimmen Music-Theatre-Language Nightshades, Ghent (Belgium)*
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