(a poem on reflected Glances by Zachar Laskewicz)


Gazing Eyes (on reflected glances)


Imprisoned behind a window’s pane

Alone within my lonely room

I can see someone standing there

Despite the evening’s rising gloom . . .


Perhaps you’d judge someone you saw

If you found them gazing in at you

But if the truth’d be generally known

There’s little else for me to do!

The man standing there I now recall

Bent now by time and long regret

Has looked in at me once or more before

(I wonder if he’s recognised me yet).


So silently at me he looks

But makes no judgement or demands

He’s burdened by a heavy weight

Under which he suffers and still stands.

Memories are surfacing now

He came to call on me before

In a time of youth and pride

It was only self-righteousness I saw.

He had but a halted interest

In noticing me there at all

Impatient for the waiting life

That did him so loudly call…

Now as if opening a musty volume

It’s through my memories that I am sifting

I’ve seen on him some other faces

As if time itself his masks were shifting


Once looking in a fear intense

He saw me as a ghostly shade

Though I was too a child like him

‘T was Imprisoned behind a window’s pane

Afterwards an apparition did appear

That the world had spurned

I was unsettled by his second visit

A bloody image upon my retinas stayed burned.

As an object often looked at, rarely seen

I wish I’d warned him when he came

To hide all that made him different

(‘t is far preferable to appear to be the same)

But like all sycophants like me

Seen in a moment’s reflected haze

I can simply do no more

Than return his mirrored gaze.

Gazing Eyes (on reflected glances)
Gazing Eyes (on reflected glances)



May 2008 Nachtschimmen Music-Theatre-Language Nightshades, Ghent (Belgium)
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